In 1962, Antônio Barrocal founds one more factory to manufacture a product that would categorically "make women´s head", the Temoso Hairpin. In that beginning the company, with its own founder´s name, worked mainly by hand, with only one machine and it it was placed in a small garage which was rented in Tucuruvi District. With that innovating idea, in a few years, its founder could leave that garage and move to his own building.

Always going up hill, and with its production at full steam, the company gets a new business partner in 1967, João de Gouveia Rodrigues, who injected money and innovating ideas. The industrial facility was increased by means of buying new machinery and hiring many employees; a fleet was acquired and an office to attend its team of commercial representatives was also created.

In 1972, the company changes its name to Indústria de Grampos de Aço para Cabelos Temoso Ltda., being the shareholder control of the founder transfered to his son Luiz Antônio Barrocal. Two years later, and always going up hill, the company acquires a new building, where it works until today, and then changes its name to Metalúrgica Teimoso Ltda.

Within this growing and expansion philosophy, the company was acquiring new technologies throughout the years, enlarging its industrial facilities and putting new products on the market, such as: ALUMINUM AND PLASTIC PERMANENT ROLLERS, ROTARY ROLLERS AND PAPER FOR PERMANENT. These products came to make women´s and professionals´ lives easier., becoming essential products on the supermarket shelves, malls and hairdresser products´ stores.

With the great market demand, in 1983 the company starts its informatization phase, with the introduction of microinformatics on its purchase and sales divisions, the acquisition of the fax machine in 1986, the implementation of bar codes on its products´ packagess, being one of the first companies to implement it in Brazil

To supply the new needs of the national and international markets, in 1996 two more products are launched: CURLERS (for Afro permanents) and CURL HAIR ( to wave and curl)

The year of 1998 begins with the introduction of Internet and the acquisition of new computers, always offering the best products and the greatest eases to its clients and cooperators, when then it comes to be called Grampos Teimoso Ltda.

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